OK. This takes way too long.

1)   Breaking cryptography-based computer programs

o   Codebreaker challenge 2013: file, how-to (the instructions are in the 2nd half of the PDF file, be patient);

o   My variant: file; use the same skills to break it and then follow the instructions that you have found

2)   Audio cryptography example

3)   Visual cryptography examples:

a)    based on standalone Java application(posted on Nov. 13, 2017; after downloading it, just double click on the file or if you are not allowed to run it directly [such as on Mac], open a terminal, go to the “Downloads” directory, and type in java -jar jmucsvc-obf.jar),

a)    3-out-of-4

b)    based on Java Applet

c)     based on JavaScript



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